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The Face of Country Cooking

Before, during, or after your long day on the job, a good hearty meal from Brown’s Country Buffet is what you need. For breakfast, lunch, or dinner, there’s nothing like Alachua’s Best Kept Secret!

When what you crave is some good old-fashioned country cookin’ made from scratch, Brown’s Country Buffet serves mouth-watering meals the way grandma used to make them.


At Brown’s, food service is in our family background, with a rich history of serving and satisfying the Alachua community for several decades.


When you have a hankering for a hearty meal served with a smile, no buffet is better.


Be sure to also take advantage of Brown's take-out services. There are times when you might be too busy to sit down and enjoy everything our establishment offers. That’s why Brown’s Country Buffet provides convenient take-out service, so you can savor every country flavor in the comfort of your home.


Head to the country for some old style southern cookin’!

Pictured: Adrian Brown, Owner of Brown's Country Buffet

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